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Advertising Flag Winder S 290cm


Advertising Flag Winder M 350cm


Advertising Flag Winder L 445cm


Winder XL Advertising Flag 550cm


Advertising winders- advantages.

As you know, advertising is a lever of trade and it's not just about TV spots or advertising in trade magazines. Posters and billboards are a popular type of outdoor advertising, but they are becoming an increasingly popular form as well printed flags, That is winders (from blowing in the wind). They promote the company's brand, services or goods in an attractive way. Visually attractive, airy and light, they certainly attract attention, especially if they are placed on a high mast. Advertising winders should be characterized by extremely durable material from which they were made. Thanks to modern printing techniques, we guarantee that printed flag it will not lose its quality for many years, despite the influence of weather conditions, the colors will not fade, and the inscription will still be perfectly clear. High advertising masts they ensure their great visibility, attract the customer's eye just like a billboard, but they are light and durable, because they are made of powder-coated aluminum and carbon fiber. Prints are made primarily on durable fabrics of Polish origin and are created on one side, which means that they break through to the other side creating a mirror image. We have a wide range of colors available on request. An additional advantage is the possibility of washing them in the washing machine and ironing, which also does not hurt the flag. However, this type of advertising is not reserved exclusively for external use. Their size, lightness and the possibility of folding make them perfect for closed spaces, such as halls, offices or trade fair stands. They can be easily transported from place to place as well as changed their position.

Lead time

We ensure the execution of the order within 6-7 business days.

Price advertising flag

We try to make the price of our goods competitive, and it depends on the dimensions of the flag and the type of base.

Types of bases and flags

We specify four types of base, these are the punching point, the waterthank with a capacity of 15 liters, the cross and the metal base. There is also an option without a base.

Depending on the shape, the flags are divided into types: oval, straight, feather and hussar.


Regardless of size advertising flag, assembly is simple and quick, so you can do it yourself at events, fairs or on the street.

Among many of our advertising products we recommend printed flags because they are extremely distinctive, high-class, expressive and functional. We also offer a simple graphic design that you can put on our product free of charge.

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